Smooth or held; that is the question

I think I’ve made a balls up…

My tutor told me in her formative feedback that I needed to remove the slurring between all notes of the same pitch throughout the score. What I had done originally was to phrase notes of the same pitch together when actually what I should have done (and did want to do) was tie them together, i.e. make the original articulated note longer and create interesting rhythm and timings throughout.

So the question ‘Smooth or held’ was one that, at first attempt, I got completely and utterly wrong. And now, having removed all phrasing between notes of the same pitch THROUGHOUT THE SCORE, I now need to revisit the entire thing to go back and add ties to these notes of the same pitch…oh, my life…probably going to add a 3rd week to ‘presentation’ before getting round to ‘composition’ again. Keep breathing, try not to panic…I have time…I have time…

Do you ever wonder if there are cameras rigged up around your home to capture these enormous moments of idiocy? Onwards…


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