Rehearsal sections – analysis work

I am currently completing a series of front summary sheets for each section. Each rehearsal section that is. I’m noting down the following information and attempting to be as objective as possible:

Length: no. bars
Plot: where we are in the story & what I am trying to ‘tell’
Mood: this follows plot for obvious reasons and helps me focus on the general feel and potential interpretation with instrumentation
Important aspects to ‘capture’ in the music: this centres me on the very key aspects of plot and mood and helps to shape the development. Does it currently ‘feel’ right?
Instruments underused: from first glance noting which parts could do more
Instruments overused: sometimes this is obvious, other times less so. This helps to determine balance and again the developmental aspects that will need work
Overall feelings of the first draft: I’m surprised whilst doing this particular part of my studying that much of this first draft I am quite pleased with. Having had time away from looking at it I was relieved to see that in places, my work is really very good. However, that’s not to say that there isn’t anything more left to do. Far from it! But at least now I’m getting a better indication of areas that are weaker, and for what reasons. This is also helping to renew my confidence again, and this combined with professional colleague’s feedback is helping me to see much more clearly what needs my attention over the coming weeks of the summer holidays.


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