A cunning plan

As much as I like to think I’m organised, sometimes I really need to force myself to stop and really step back before being able to restructure my studies.

And that’s what’s happened tonight. Having renegotiated my formal assessment event with the college, gaining those few extra months has already given me back my sense of control to my studies.

This evening I have structured each weeks’ activities so that I get enough prep, research & listening done to enable me to start the task of re-orchestration at the start of the summer holidays. And I’m a much happier student composer now to what I was 24hrs ago.


The phases of my study work are going to be as follows:

  1. Complete instrumentation notes (percussion, strings) & recommence listening to major classical orchestral works
  2. Start assessing the current use of each instrument within the score for range & technique (listening research will continue during this phase)
  3. Identify sparseness and also repetitive areas of scoring
  4. Establish what mood/atmosphere I’m trying to convey in each section of the score and, using my listening research to draw upon, consider how I may achieve this
  5. Commence orchestration work – this will take place throughout the whole month of August to maximise my time away from teaching commitments.
  6. Post-orchestration work will require a period of score layout tidying in which clashes between staves are addressed, along with eliminating unnecessary rests, overlaps, etc. One may also at this point consider hiding  empty staves but consideration to the overall score layout must be remembered.
  7. The penultimate phase lasting 3wks will be dedicated to working on my Critical Review.
  8. The final week before Assignment 6 is submitted I will work on my Reflective Commentary

Wish me luck…I’m finally returning to Wonderland again.


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