Absence makes the heart grow fonder

As a mature student with a very full working life, my very full life can play havoc with my studies. And no more so than the past few months.

My tutor, having very kindly agreed to allow me further time to ‘complete’ my last assignment by the end of June, was a saviour in amongst a sea of turmoil.  I was facing my first proper house move and it was looming fast. And not only were we moving, but renovating the very building we were trying to move into; the paint was still wet as furniture and boxes made their way in.

Oh, and throw into the mix a sudden medical intervention on my partner that rendered him bedridden for 3 weeks and then completely incapable of lifting or carrying anything, and the chaos was all mine. Literally.

And if life couldn’t get any more technical, in the midst of carrying a mattress into the new house last week and we get a phone-call to say a very dear friend and relative had gone and killed themselves.

There are no words.

The net result of all these disturbing factors has been, unsurprisingly, zero studying. None. Head completely consumed by LIFE. The additional time I needed and asked for to allow me more study preparation went totally out of the window and ended up being used for everything else.

And so I now come back to it all finally today the 04 April. They say absence makes the heart grow stronger. I’m really hoping this to be the case because I can’t deny that I am now feeling decidedly out of the academic ‘loop’ and so completely removed from where I was heading, it would be very easy to go into a complete tail-spin panic and lose the plot completely.

The purpose of this post was to physically put myself back in the game, back into circulation; try to get myself back into Wonderland…and right now, I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather be.

Now where’s that blasted White Rabbit…?


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