Rehearsal marks

Now that I have completed the Critical Review, I am returning to my composition for a final look through before submitting to my tutor for Assignment 5.

My score has bar or measure numbers throughout but it dawned on me having looked at various scores that I might need to add rehearsal marks in, too.  These help to determine an exact point in the score for rehearsal purposes and enables all musicians to get to the same point quickly; it’s a time-saving device.

These are placed at logical ‘sections’ within the music. I need to go through my score to determine where these will come. Without looking, I could insert these at the start of each new part of the score, as Alice furthers her journey into Wonderland.  However, I also need to take into consideration any sections that have long phrases; it maybe necessary to include a couple of marks within one section, depending on how lengthy they may be.



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