Revisiting instrumental resources

Okay, I’ll admit it; I think I was a being little enthusiastic about my first list of instrumental resources; enthusiastic and unrealistic perhaps!

My tutor kindly pointed out that I was perhaps biting off more than I could chew (she didn’t actually say this, but words to that effect), and so having now written the entire composition, albeit for piano, I now need to shape up and get this list to be something more ‘do-able’ because I need it with me at all times whilst I begin arranging.

My tutor suggested that the instrumentation that I had already indicated on the score looked more likely to be a chamber orchestra setting, a group of players only large enough to fit into a private room or ‘chamber’. I’m not sure if this revised instrumental resource list would fit into a room, but it’s certainly more realistic (and less ‘symphonic’) than previously anticipated:

Flute (2)
Clarinet in B-Flat (2)
Clarinet in E-Flat (2)
Oboe (2)
Cor Anglais (2)
Bassoon (2)

Trumpets (2)
Trombone (2)
French Horn (2)

Timpani (1)

Piano (1)
Harpischord (1)

1st Violins (4)
2nd Violins (4)
Violas (2)
Cellos (2)
Double Bass (2)

Nay (1)
Santur (1)
Acoustic or 12-string guitar (1)



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