It’s all about the theme

I’ve almost reached the end.  I have 2′ 2″ left to write.  Alice returns to the riverbank and as such, considers her journey, the characters that she has met and the time that she has spent in Wonderland, IF it really happened.

To do these last 2 minutes justice, I need to reprise the key themes introduced along the way:

1. Alice’s Theme:

Alice's Theme
2. The White Rabbit’s Theme:

The White Rabbit's Theme

3. The Dodo’s Theme:

The Dodo's Theme

4. The Caucus Race Theme:

The Caucus Race Theme

5. The Cheshire Cat’s Theme:

The Cheshire Cat's Theme

6. The Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar’s Theme:

The Hookah Smoking Caterpillar's Theme

7. The Mad Hatter’s Theme:

The Mad Hatter's Theme

8. The Queen of Heart’s Theme:

The Queen of Heart's Theme

And with only 2 minutes remaining, that leaves me with approximately 15 seconds per theme! So, this post serves to bring all 8 of my themes together, help me to reflect on what has been before, and consider how it can all be brought into a cohesive conclusion…

Post-composing note: having now completed this last section, I realised that I had gone over the 20 minutes allowed.  Therefore, I had to make the decision to reduce my score and unfortunately, the Dodo theme didn’t make the final version.  I wasn’t overly happy with it anyway; it didn’t flow quite as well as the others did and it was the right decision to make.


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