Musical structure – Part Two: My Initial Plans

Taking inspiration from Michael Hindson, I have written out the initial plans for my project structure. Click on each ‘page’ of my notebook to enlarge the detail:

The first page of my notebook:

Second page:

Third page:

Fourth page:

Fifth page:

Each page details the name of the section/part of the story.  I then briefly describe the ‘feel’ of the section, followed by some initial thoughts on instrumentation. Approximate duration of the section comes next, and my thoughts on the texture follows.  I’ve drawn texture pictorially and described it, too.

Pitch comes next; is the section going to be high, medium or low or a mixture of pitches? Rhythm thinks through my thoughts on the timing. Time and key signatures are fairly self-explanatory, and I estimate a rough bpm.  Sometimes I have drawn a rhythmic idea, too.

It will certainly be interesting to see how this progresses.  The first 3 pages/7 sections of this structure were drawn in retrospect because my tutor guided me to creating this after I had written the music.  However, the process of creating this for the piece got me thinking more closely to the remaining 5 sections yet to be composed and I am really intrigued to know if this exercise will help me.


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