Orchestral Instruments

In order to help me develop my understanding of the majority of the instruments that I want to write for within the orchestra, I found a series of YouTube videos that I have enjoyed watching that discuss each instrument and demonstrate them, too. My chosen list of resources to be used will feature in a separate post.

The Piccolo:

The Flute:

The Clarinet:

The Oboe:

The Cor Anglais:

The Clarinet:

The E-Flat Clarinet:

The Bass Clarinet:

The Bassoon:

The Contrabassoon:

The ranges of the woodwind section are as follows:
Woodwind section range

The Horn:

The Trumpet:

The Trombone:

The Bass Trombone:

The Tuba:

The ranges of brass section are as follows:
Brass section ranges

The Percussion:

The Celeste:

The range of the celeste and other tuned percussion are as follows:
Glocks, Celesta, Xylophone ranges

The Harp:

The Violin:

The Viola:

The Cello:

The Double Bass:

The ranges of the strings section are as follows:
String section rangeLayout:
A standard orchestra is set out in the following way:

Layout of the orchestra

Kaetzel, S. (2009). A Brief Guide to Orchestration. Available: http://www.gamedev.net/page/resources/_/creative/music-and-sound/a-brief-guide-to-orchestration-r2718. Last accessed 10 July 2015


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