Tutor Feedback Assignment 2

Herewith my tutor, Carla Rees’s feedback following the submission of my second assignment:

Amy Balcomb (510035) Assignment 2 Tutor Feedback

In summary, the feedback has asked me to focus on the following areas before the third of my assignments is due for submission:

1) Structure – I need to really give this some careful consideration.  It needs to be more logical. Ten single movements won’t be cohesive as an entire piece and I need to think about combining into 2-4 movements.

2) Orchestration – from avoiding confirming this in A1 to including it this time, I now need to be specific; list all the instruments that I want to use.  I have a fairly good idea of what sounds I want to include.  This is the musical equivalent of going into a sweetie shop.  It’s hard to ‘hear’ right now and this may have to be a ‘work in progress’ but the majority of this list I know and I will dedicate a separate post to this.

3) Presentation – this assignment demonstrates my good yet basic knowledge of Sibelius.  I’m completely self-taught.  These areas need to be considered:
a) Put some rough dynamics in to help start formulating mood and atmosphere.
b) Put notes in the short score suggesting orchestration ideas.
c) Include short descriptors of what scene it is I’m depicting from the book.
d) Add keywords as reminders of the programmatic aspects of the story.
e) Spelling – check the accidentals spelling in relation to the underlying key.  Double-check spelling of ‘attacca’ throughout.
f) Go beyond the pre-sets of Sibelius for the presentation – unsure about this.  Awaiting further feedback from my tutor.

4) 8va Sections – I need to write these at ‘sounding pitch’ unless using extreme registers, otherwise it suggests being lazy.

5) Accompaniment – this is sparse in places and I need to avoid using repetitive patterns and pedal notes.

6) Melodic writing – needs developing.

7) Rhythm – I need to vary this more, be more ambitious and move away from crotchets.  This will help to create tension and emotion.

8) Transitions – these need developing.  I need to think about how I can combine elements from different sections and make the characters stronger.

9) Listening work – I need to broaden this to include more symphonic works from composers including:
a) Peter Maxwell Davies
b) Lutoslawski
c) Shostakovich
d) Mahler
e) Britten
f) Ravel
g) Debussy
h) Mozart

10) Score Reading – I need to do more of this to develop an understand of how orchestral scores ‘look’ and in doing so develop a sense of which textures may work in my composition.  I will develop this into a research post.

11) Research sources – stop using Wiki !

12) Blog address – remember to keep giving it to my tutor at the end of my assignments.


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