Tutor Feedback Assignment 1

Herewith my tutor, Carla Rees’s feedback following the submission of my first assignment:

Amy Balcomb (510035) Assignment 1 Tutor Feedback

In summary, the feedback has asked me to focus on the following areas before the second of my assignments is due for submission:

  • Form: what form will the piece take? Ten separate sections could be hard to piece together and flow as one piece of music: consider combining into 2-4 movements?
  • Structure: this is important for me to plan carefully, applying timings for each key section and perhaps ‘map’ the piece out.  Timetable which sections should be ready for each assignment; 2 per assignment from hereon in? 
  • Ensemble: I haven’t clarified the group that I’m writing for and if I haven’t already considered this yet, I should think about writing for at least 10 players, possibly bigger. Confirm what size of ensemble I want to write for, i.e. symphony orchestra.
  • Research: I need to broaden my research to more contemporary composers.  I had already nominated a few, but Carla is keen for me to add the following to my list:
    * Arvo Part
    * John Tavener
    * Lutoslawski (for dissonance)
    * Nono (dissonance)
    * Boulez (dissonance)
    * Ligeti (dissonance)
    * Shostakovich’s symphonies
    * Mahler’s symphonies
    * Wagner’s Ring Cycle
    * Film composers such as Hans Zimmer, Bernard Hermann, Michael Nyman to see how they interpret emotion
  • Critical Review: Overall, Carla was in favour of my initial thoughts and ideas, but she has suggested that I choose my piece/s carefully to make sure that a score is available for me to access and cite in my discussions.

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